We have been producing outstanding working German Shepherds since 1976. This includes our own personal dogs with whom we've attended World Championship competitions representing Canada on three occasions. Dogs from our lines have won multiple Canadian Championships in the sport of Schutzhund and attended World Championships with great frequency.
The breeding of Shepherd Dogs is the breeding of Working Dogs, and this must always be the aim, or we shall cease to produce Shepherd Dogs.” Captain Max von Stephanitz – Founder of the Verein Fur Deutsche Schaferhunde, (The Club for German Shepherds) or the SV in Germany. December 30, 1864 – April 22, 1936
Vancouver's Police Dog, Sunshadows Bear, overall winner of the 2008 Canadian Police Dog Championships. He placed 2nd overall in 2009. 
Handler and Trainer, Sgt Ray Wong.
Female Breeding Stock: 
Sunshadows Juno, IPO3 
Sunshadows Kobra 
Sunshadows Oslo 
Sunshadows Quesa 

To the right:
Juno Guards the helper in the blind.

Quesa bites the helper.
To the left:
Kobra is pregnant.
Below Left & Right:  Oslo prepares to grab the tug.
Male Breeding Stock 
  • Earl vom Haus Juros, IPO3 
  • Flips vom Sealand, IPO3 
  • Sunshadows Invader, IPO1 
  • Sunshadows Pan, Area Patrol/Security Dog
Above left and right: Earl grabs the short sleeve and carries it to his handler.
Below: Invader on his way to work.
Below: Pan's Full bite 
Picture by Julia Grayson
Pictures by Julia Grayson
Pan's Head Shot
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