Today: July 20th.  There are two male puppies now available from this litter, ready to go to homes on August 3rd.
Mother of the puppies left, Sunshadows Oslo, keeps her eye on a 'bad guy' lurking on her training field.
At this age, pups have lots of play drive, and spend a good portion of their time chasing and having fun with each other.
At 5 weeks, puppy play starts to show the practising needed for developing fighting spirit and leadership through power and strength.  This all sable litter is working on these skills.
Making kissing noises bring puppies from Sunshadows 'E' litter, close to your face to see what's going on. Pups should show lots of curiosity about new things and run towards new, interesting things.  They climb right up our chest to visit. 
Here's the father of the litter, Earl von Haus Juros, IPO3, doing a bark and hold on USA Teaching Helper, Danny Grayson.
Picture courtesy of Julia Grayson of Austin TX.