Sunshadows Juno IPO3, and sire, Sealands Flips IPO3 began delivering puppies about 10 PM, Tuesday, March 20th - early, due to a large crop wanting out. So far,we have 7 females with several more pups waiting to emerge. We'll keep you informed. The can go to their new homes on May 12th.
Juno is chasing the helper (bad guy) so he can't escape.
Flips is showing good focus in the fast pace phase of heeling during his IPO3 trial.
Puppies are $1800 plus GST, and a $210 deposit is required in order to get in the queue for these outstanding working pups.

If you will tell us what the future possible duties the dog will be used for, we will select the best pup for the job, while attempting to match coat colour and sex where possible.   

At this age, pups have lots of play drive, and spend a good portion of their time chasing and having fun with each other.
At 5 weeks, puppy play starts to show the practising needed for developing fighting spirit and leadership through power and strength.  This all sable litter is working on these skills.
Making kissing noises bring puppies from Sunshadows 'E' litter, close to your face to see what's going on. Pups should show lots of curiosity about new things and run towards new, interesting things.  They climb right up our chest to visit. 
For information and help with raising and training these high energy puppies that are bred to be active and work, you can order this book from us for $24.95 CDN or $20.00 US plus shipping costs, dependant on the destination.