Obedience School
Buena Vista Training Systems
If you'd like to join us, send an email telling us your dog's breed(s) and age, and then just show up at class one to complete the registration.

The next set of Puppy and Beginner classes will start on March 8th, meeting on eight consecutive Monday AND Thursday evenings.  There will likely be an early (6:45) and a late class (8:00) for both levels, but we'll determine that at registration at class one.
Our Intermediate and advanced classes will get started on March 10th, meeting Wednesday evenings at 6:45 and Saturday mornings at 10:30. We will have to hold a class on the Saturday of the Easter weekend in order to fit in all 8 classes.
One of our November Beginner classes at graduation.
WHERE? - Bay 112 located in a complex called Marquis Commons, located at 103 Marquis Court. It is on the north side of Marquis Drive, east of the intersection with Millar Avenue.

WHAT IS THE COST? $189.00 for Puppy and Beginner Classes and $168.00 for Intermediate and Advanced Classes, taxes included. You can pay the fee by cash or cheque. Sorry, we don't have any e-commerce abilities. 

WHAT TO BRING? Your dog, a comfortable leash (no extending types, no chains) and a collar of your choice. All types are acceptable for class one, but we may make some recommendations based on behaviour and results. You do NOT need to bring treats to class one, but you can expect to bring them for all following classes.

WHAT TO WEAR? Comfortable shoes with good grip, Pants or a vest with good roomy pockets. No flip-flops, no coat or jacket that will flap in the space between your dog's eyes and yours. 

WHO CAN COME? Bring all the people who are going to have a leadership role in the dog's future, and if you bring younger children,(they are welcome) have someone other than the dog's handler to manage them.

IN GENERAL: 1. There will be lots of people and dogs there, but don't worry, we'll be able to manage all the problems. If you're a little worried, come in and get an instructor to help you bring your dog into the training area. 
                        2. We'll have cleanup materials available, but we EXPECT YOU to give your dog a chance to 'go' before coming into the building. Consider it to be your home, and our carpets are freshly cleaned. There is an area behind our bay that is fenced for this purpose, so bring your dog swiftly through and out the back door for relief. Then do the cleanup!

Come prepared to have a lot of fun and to learn a whole bunch of useful things.
Even at class one! 
Above: Beginner class grads receiving diplomas and scoresheets.  100% success again!
A puppy shows excellent focus in heeling.
Below: Our students are highly successful in obedience trials.
Feel free to call us at 306-477-1919 with any questions about our upcoming classes.
Now Available:

Our Approaches Revealed

 This book shares the methods, and the step by step procedures we use in our obedience school to get our student's dogs to winning scores and obedience ribbons.

$24.95 CDN or $20.00 US. 

Get it at our kennel office, 4352 Middleton Rd, Grasswood, SK, S&T1A9, or request a mailing. Just send us an email, along with your address.