Dogs for Sale 
1. Jackson
Jackson, (Ghetto von Cey), is a 3 year old registered German Shepherd from excellent working lines. Litter Registration #: UA266303BE GSD  
His hips and elbows are OFA certified and he is not neutered.  
This dog is a natural guardian, and would be best suited at a location where serious protection is needed.
He can be out free to guard property and people every day and will be a complete deterrent against theft.

'Jack' comes with support, including health guarantees, assistance with training, and all the advice a new owner may need to help him fit into a new location and understand his duties. 
$ 2,000.00 

All Purebreds Are Not Created Equal!
What Sets Sunshadows German Shepherds Apart?

2. Sunshadows Uri
Uri will be 3 years old at the end of July. His hips and elbows are OFA certified, and he is not neutered. 
He is excellent with children and affectionate and playful with his family, yet brings a natural guarding attitude for his place and people. 
Uri has obedience training, having passed the Beginner Level classes at Buena Vista Training Systems. He is currently enrolled in the Intermediate class, learning even more. He comes with health guarantees, vaccinations and assistance with training classes if his new owner is near Saskatoon.